My high mileage supercharged Audi RS4 is broken.

I bought this car for two reasons , first it’s very powerful and makes Norse god like noises, the second it’s high mileage so no doubt will have some interesting, if not expensive stories to document. So I start today speaking about the latter. Late one evening I’m minding my own business driving through a […]

The First Generation Audi R8 is a mid-engined masterpiece.

Utilising a sizeable chunk of their iconic 4.2 litre V8 from the B7 RS4, Audi were off to a strong start in their first super-car venture. Using a revised intake due to the now mid-engined lay out along with a dry sump. The R8’s V8 remains almost unaltered from its B7 guise, producing the same […]

Why the Audi S3 is the new bargain performance saloon.

Audi may be known mainly for their domination of the fast estate car market, but they’ve made some pretty special saloon cars along the way. The first ultra powerful “modern” Audi saloon came in 1997, with the B5 S4 261BHP and 400Nm from a bi-turbo V6. Sounds pretty amazing right? Add this to a sorted […]

What’s it like to daily drive a 600BHP manual estate car?

Well to answer that it’s pretty damn awesome , and I’ll explain why. Covering thousands of miles a year can be a fairly laborious process with little engaging or entertaining about it. I’ve daily driven 3 RS4s now , one b7 saloon one b5 avant and this charged avant. They’ve all been very good at […]

Here’s how I bought the highest mileage supercharged RS4 in the world.

High mileage hero or villain? So it’s around March 2019, my 2001 b5 Audi RS4 in avus silver is up for sale on various auction sites. For a laugh on Facebook Marketplace also. I end up getting a message from this guy , he’s umming and Arring about buying my b5 , he mentions he […]