Here’s how I refurbish my brake callipers cheaply and easily.

One of the main “skills” I’ve picked up over the last seven years has been painting bits and pieces. Especially brake callipers , wheels and general touch up bits you discover when you buy high mileage or lower-priced performance cars. I’ve always loved Audi’s refinement in their older RS models but one thing I didn’t […]

I fixed my dull headlights cheaply and easily on my Nissan GT-R.

My R35 GT-R was a “cheap” and cheerful entrance to supercar ownership for me, but it’s not been without fault. My R35 had 76,000 miles on it when I took delivery and it wore these with pride. Having come from German cars which are built and finished like Panzer tanks. The GT-R looks poor and […]

Do turbo-chargers add or detract from driving pleasure?

With us continually being reminded of our global footprint , greenhouse gasses, emissions and just general existence pillaging the world. We’re now reliant on turbocharging and smaller capacity power plants to deliver our frills. I’ve been very lucky with my warped perception of “priorities” in life means I’ve owned a lot of different cars, many […]

Is Audi losing customers by discontinuing manual sports cars?

I’ve written before how the current generation of the RS6/7 are pure and simply missiles for the road. Albeit ones you can stick the kids in for the ride. As I wrote the other day about the demise of the manual gearbox and how it’s being torn away from petrol heads. The likes of BMW […]