Covid-19 is now the perfect time to buy your dream car?

With the current global economic climate somewhat on its knees, due to increased uncertainty and extended lockdowns. But what does this mean for the performance car market? Well I’ve certainly been window shopping to stave off boredom while in isolation and I’ve noticed a bit of a trend. Most importantly being there’s more supercars and […]

The B7 RS4 a buyers guide to common faults.

The B7 Audi Rs4 came out late 2005-early 2006 depending on where you were in the world. The 4.2 Litre Naturally-Aspirated V8 was designed to deliver 414bhp and 420nm, with a stratospheric redline of 8250rpm. The engine was fantastic being used in Audi’s first supercar the R8 with a few tweaks and a lightened flywheel. […]

The GT-R that was nearly mine….for a monthly mortgage payment.

It’s 2020…. barely and I’m lying to myself yet again. Most people’s New Years resolution is to eat less crap or cut the booze for a little while. But not me I rarely drink and food makes me happy , my goal was to save money and avoid high-performance cars. I’ll never forget watching videos […]