How to buy used performance cars without being a dick.

As I wrote about last week with “the trials and tribulations of selling cars privately” there’s a certain amount of bullshit present on both sides of a sale. This unfortunately can interfere with the buying process. A disgruntled seller who’s put up with months of “low ball cash offer today” and being offered rotboxes part […]

The trials and tribulations of selling cars privately.

Selling your car privately is a brilliant way of making an extra few grand. Research the market, take some great pictures of your car and let buyers know what makes it special and unique. That being said there’s many headaches that come with selling cars yourself. The continuous messages without purpose , insulting offers and […]

I took an Aston Martin Vantage in part ex, here’s what I think of it so far.

I wrote in march about how the Aston Martin vantage is the ultimate head against heart battle for myself. The time finally seemed right and after being offered one part ex it finally happened. It’s by no means a fast car when stacked up against the RS7 or my GT-R but my god it’s beautiful. […]