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I’m Sam and for as long as I can remember I’ve loved anything and everything with an engine. I’m here to document my automotive experiences with people and hopefully develop as a driver and a writer. My long term goal is to break into automotive journalism in the near future and road test performance cars for a major magazine. Please like and subscribe to stay up to date with my latest content including my weekly Youtube podcast.

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My most recent articles

Category D cars, are you saving money or cutting corners?

Not once in several months and 3000 or so miles across the UK did anyone say something negative about the looks of my Aston Martin. In fact it was quite the opposite, random compliments approving gazes and the odd candid picture. What if I told she’d had a crash? Back in 2013 my Aston Martin […]

How to buy used performance cars without being a dick.

As I wrote about last week with “the trials and tribulations of selling cars privately” there’s a certain amount of bullshit present on both sides of a sale. This unfortunately can interfere with the buying process. A disgruntled seller who’s put up with months of “low ball cash offer today” and being offered rotboxes part […]

The trials and tribulations of selling cars privately.

Selling your car privately is a brilliant way of making an extra few grand. Research the market, take some great pictures of your car and let buyers know what makes it special and unique. That being said there’s many headaches that come with selling cars yourself. The continuous messages without purpose , insulting offers and […]

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